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Friday, June 22, 2018

XBruteForcer - CMS Brute Force Tool (WP, Joomla, DruPal, OpenCart, Magento)

Brute Force Tool: WP , Joomla , DruPal , OpenCart , Magento

Simple brute force script
[1] WordPress (Auto Detect Username)
[2] Joomla
[3] DruPal
[4] OpenCart
[5] Magento
[6] All (Auto Detect CMS)

Short Form Long Form Description
-l --list websites list
-p --passwords Passwords list

perl -l list.txt -p passwords.txt

for coloring in windows Add This Line
use Win32::Console::ANSI;


Installation Linux
git clone
cd XBruteForcer
perl -l list.txt -p passwords.txt 

Installation Android
Download Termux
cpan install LWP::UserAgent
cpan install HTTP::Request
git clone
cd XBruteForcer
perl -l list.txt -p passwords.txt 

Installation Windows
Download Perl
Download XBruteForcer
Extract XBruteForcer into Desktop
Open CMD and type the following commands:
cd Desktop/XBruteForcer-master/
perl -l list.txt -p passwords.txt 

Current version is 1.2 What's New
• speed up
• Bug fixes
version 1.1
• Bug fixes


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