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Sunday, January 31, 2016

PE Tools v1.5

New in this version:

ºAdded Generic OEP Finder
ºDumpFixer added to Section Editor
ºNew signatures added (Tnx: .Cryorb/dyn!o/DeMoNiX/Aster!x/FEUERRADER)
ºPE Sniffer code is optimized
ºAbility to increment SizeOfHeaders added
ºNew plugin added - Recover UPX by Quantum
ºAdded ToolBar
ºAll options are saved in INI file now
ºControl elements are changed a little in Sections Editor and Directory Editor
ºExamples of plugins in MASM32/Delphi are added to SDK
ºSignature creation utility (SignMan) is now distributed along with the main package
ºPE Tools won't allow to edit IMAGE_DOS_HEADER if offset on ºIMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER is less than size of IMAGE_DOS_HEADER
ºNew version of update module (UUpdateSystem.dll)
ºMMF functions are re-written
ºBug in File Location Calculator removed (Tnx: cyberbob)
ºBug in Kill Section (from file) removed
ºSmall bug in process dumper is removed
ºBug in Task Viewer removed
ºBug in Break & Enter removed
ºBug with options saving is removed
ºPE Tools now works fine on Win95 (Tnx: Lepton)
ºSections processing algorithm is significantly changed


This is a fully-functional utility for working with PE/PE +(64bit) files. Including: Editor PE of files, Task Viewer, Win32 PE files optimizer, detector of compiler/packer and many other things.

The basic functions of the program:

ºTask Viewer
ºProcess dump
ºDump Full
ºDump Partial
ºDump Region
ºAbility to dump .NET CLR processes
ºAutomatic removal of protection " Anti Dump Protection "
ºChange of a priority of process
ºKill process
ºLoading of process into PE Editor and PE Sniffer
ºGeneric OEP Finder
ºPE Sniffer
ºSearch of the compiler/packer used
ºAbility to update signature base
ºAbility to scan directories
ºPE Rebuilder
ºOptimization of a PE file
ºChange of PE address base of a file
ºPE Editor
ºEditing of DOS heading
ºSupport of new PE+(64bit) format
ºCRC correction
ºViewing and editing tables of import/export


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