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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ghost Phisher

Ghost Phisher is a computer security application that comes inbuilt with a Fake DNS Server, Fake DHCP Server, Fake HTTP server and also has an integrated area for automatic capture and logging of HTTP form method credentials to a database. The program could be used as an honey pot,could be used to service DHCP request , DNS requests or phishing attacks


ºHTTP Server
ºInbuilt RFC 1035 DNS Server
ºInbuilt RFC 2131 DHCP Server
ºWebpage Hosting and Credential Logger (Phishing)
ºWifi Access point Emulator
ºSession Hijacking (Passive and Ethernet Modes)
ºARP Cache Poisoning (MITM and DOS Attacks)
ºPenetration using Metasploit Bindings
ºAutomatic credential logging using SQlite Database
ºUpdate Support

Operating System Supported

Software runs on any Linux machine with the programs prerequisites,


The Program requires the following to run properly:
The following dependencies can be installed using the Debian package installer command on Debian based systems using “apt-get install program” or otherwise downloaded and installed manually

ºPython Qt4
ºMetasploit Framework (Optional)


Installation on Debian Package supported systems:

root@host:~# dpkg -i ghost-phisher_1.5_all.deb

The source code for the program can be fetched using the following command on terminal

root@host:~# svn checkout


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