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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pentest Distro - Linux Lite

Linux Lite 2.0 Beta is now available for download and testing. Now Lite User Manager, Lite Manual, Lite Software ( Install Additional Software and Remove Additional Software) and Lite Fix can evolve more easily to meet the needs of the user. -> Release Announcement

By producing a simple to use Linux based Operating System, we hope that people will discover just how simple it can be to use a distro like Linux Lite

Linux Lite is free for everyone to use and share, and suitable for people who are new to Linux or for people who want a liteweight environment that is also fully functional.


ºSimple, intuitive use
ºBuilt-in Help & Support Manual
ºLow resource use
ºGood selection of easy to use software
ºFull Office Suite
ºSkype, Chrome, Netflix, Teamviewer
ºSteam Gaming Client

You get a web browser, email, a music & movie player, cd/dvd burner, office software, voice chat, photo editor, network access tools, printing & the Linux Lite Help Manual.

Minimal System requirements:

700 MHz processor+
512 MiB RAM+
5 GB of hard-drive space+
VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution
Either a CD drive or a USB port for the iso

Source links:

ºLite User Manager –
ºLite Software –
ºLite Manual –
ºLite Fix –

Linux Lite is based on the Ubuntu LTS series. There are 4 Linux Lite releases per LTS release. The following software included: GParted, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, XFBurn CD/DVD Burner, VLC Media Player, Firefox Web Browser with Flash, OpenJDK Java, Steam, Mumble Voice Chat, Thunderbird Email, XChat IRC Client, Gimp Image Editor, Leafpad Text Editor, Xarchiver, Lite User Manager, Lite Software Center.


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