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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Low bandwidth DoS tool - slowloris

Slowloris is basically an HTTP Denial of Service attack that affects threaded servers. It works like this:
  1. We start making lots of HTTP requests.
  2. We send headers periodically (every ~15 seconds) to keep the connections open.
  3. We never close the connection unless the server does so. If the server closes a connection, we create a new one keep doing the same thing.
This exhausts the servers thread pool and the server can't reply to other people.

How to install and run?
You can clone the git repo or install using pip . Here's how you run it.
  • sudo pip3 install slowloris
  • slowloris
That's all it takes to install and run
If you want to clone using git instead of pip, here's how you do it.
  • git clone
  • cd slowloris
  • python3

Configuration options
It is possible to modify the behaviour of slowloris with command-line arguments.


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