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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Windows Tool For Spoofing The Mac Address - WinMACSpoofer

Windows application for spoofing the MAC address and host name.

The program must be run in "administrator mode" for the functions to work properly
  1. Set a new Random MAC address
    • Press the randomize button to generate a random MAC address
    • Click the random radio button and hit "Set New Mac" to reset your MAC address to this new address
  2. Set the MAC address manually
    • To use a specially selected MAC address enter the desired values in the text fields
    • CAUTION The second nibble can only be set with a value of ('A', 'E', '2' or '6')
    • e.g. xy-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx, y represents the second nibble and must be represented by ('A', 'E', '2' or '6')
    • x can be represented by any hexadecimal value
  3. Reset the MAC address
    • To revert the MAC adrress back to the network adapter's original values press the "reset" button
  4. Change Host Name
    • Enter the desired host name and press "Change Host Name"


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