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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Anonymous Twitter - AnonTwi

AnonTwi is a free software python client designed to navigate anonymously on social networks. It supports and It can leverages proxying, randomization of header values, send fake geolocation data, and more.

Anonymous Twitter

AnonTwi supports:

ºAES + HMAC-SHA1 encryption on Tweets and Direct Messages –> [More Info]
ºSecure Sockets Layer (SSL) to interact with API Anonymous Twitter: AnonTwi
ºProxy Socks (for example, to connect to the TOR network)
ºRandom HTTP header values
ºSend long messages splitted automatically
ºAutomatic decryption of tweet’s urls or raw inputs
ºBackup messages to your disk (max: 3200)
ºSend fake geolocation places
ºRemove data and close account (suicide)
ºView global Trending Topics
ºUTF-8 + Unicode support (chinese, arabic, symbols, etc)
ºMultiplatform: GNU/Linux, MacOS, Win32
ºDetailed colourful output results
ºGenerate tools and modules
ºGTK + WebGUI interfaces
ºAn IRC bot slave


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