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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Multithreaded Admin Panel Finder - Adminator

Adminator is the fastest multithreaded Admin panel finder tool. it has many other features : whois , portscanner , intelligence gatherer , HTTP fuzzer.

Multithreaded Admin Panel Finder

ºwhoisip => Finding Whois information about the IP hosting the website
ºwhoisdomain => Fetching Domain Whois information
ºportscanner => Finding Important open ports
ºintelligence => Getting Intelligence data from a website(HTTP server,Software,Last update)
ºsubdomain => Multithreaded Subdomain Finder using a wordlist
ºadmin => Multithreaded Admin Finder using a wordlist
ºfuzzer => HTTP Fuzzer to Fuzz HTTP servers
ºusage => prints this help section


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